Things: A Real Simple ToDo Manager

Boost Your iCal ToDo List.

The iCal todo list, love it hate it rinse repeat. The best part of iCal’s todos is the simplicity. But, iCal’s simplicity also makes it difficult to track projects/group todos in hierarchical order, delegate tasks, see a history of done todos etc. Prior commenters made mention of Things as a todo app, but MacLitigator held off on a full-blown adoption due to lack of integration with iCal. Hold off no more and full-blown ahead. Things now supports sync between iCal’s task list and Things, and is very, very smart about doing it. Even if you didn’t drink the kool-aid of David Allen’s Getting Things Done, Things will definitely help you get the big picture on all those tasks. Download Things (free while still in beta, early subscribers get a bargain when it goes live of $39 vs. $49) and read about the update on the blog. via TUAW.

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