Smug, Perfectionist Mac Users

A survey conducted on 7500 people attending Macworld this last January found that Mac users are:

less modest, and more assured of their own superiority than the population at large. 

This story, so called ‘survey,’ must die.  It originally gained some legs in the blogosphere after initial publication.  However, NPR/Marketplace recently ran a piece on the ‘survey’ reviving the notion that Mac users are pretentious, overly superior, organic food eating elitists who look down on the rest of the world. But the survey cannot really form an accurate picture of the ‘average’ Mac user. Rather, the survey, being conducted on Mac addicts who travelled thousands of miles to stand in line for hours to attend Macworld tells us what the average Mac addict personality is like. I did not attend Macworld.

I am, of course, very self-assured in the superiority of this analysis, and not the least bit modest about announcing that fact to everyone. Now excuse me while I go buy some free-range chicken for dinner.

Mindset Survey Press Release; NPR/Marketplace

One thought on “Smug, Perfectionist Mac Users

  1. “Free range”? If the chicken was really free, he wouldn’t be dinner, now would he/she?

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