Game On.


Journler 2.5.4 is out of beta and has gone live. This beautiful program includes tagging, categorization, smart folders etc etc etc. MacLitigator has been using this program for sometime and keep your eye here for the complete details on how to use Journler as a fantastic replacement for Casemap for you switchers. Journler’s tagging & smart folders enable you to keep a single piece of information linked to multiple topics while the Lexicon feature indexes all entries and shows relations among your data you didn’t know existed.  



Get Journler here, get it now. 

5 thoughts on “Game On.

  1. Anxious to read how you’ve been using this product for GTD and case management purposes.

  2. Pete: Ten days and no journler demo? : ) I’m using Things as a GTD system and really like it. Tagging is very intriguing. Would love to see how you’ve replaced Casemap with this program.

  3. I’m workin’ on it…. there’s just soooo much to say that I’m trying to put together a screencast instead of trying to say it all. Failing that, I *might* post the Casemap replacement as a multi-part series.
    Things is a really beautiful application. Right now, the lack of iCal integration/sync (or .Mac, for that matter) keeps me from using it.
    Journler can certainly be used as a GTD system, but I am somewhat ambivalent about GTD since it seems to take more time sorting/filtering/pigeon holing than actually getting things done. For a hilarious take on GTD (assuming you know who Henry Rollins is), check out (warning, vulgarity ahead):

  4. RE things: I have to believe that iCal integration is coming.

    I downloaded journler last night and took a look. Very interesting. I was trying to emulate the some of the things you did in the screenshot but I think I’ll have to wait for the screencast. Do you have a separate case management program? Are you using journler mostly for case/trial prep? I think of casemap as case/trial prep and segregate it from Timematters; however, in my practice, I’m using Acrobat and the bookmark/annotation features almost exclusively to prepare for trial or hearings.

    What would Henry Rollins do?

  5. Just downloaded it. Wow! It Looks like the best case management software I’ve seen for Mac or PC. Not sure what it was designed for, but I’m having a hard time figuring out what it can’t do with respect to case management. And it’s amazingly simple.

    Can others share their experience using Journaler for case management? I can’t wait to see the screencast

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