Easy Envelopes, Really Easy.

Ambrosia Software makes a free widget called Easy Envelopes. I use this widget so often, I take it for granted and… that’s just the kinda stuff this blog was made to pass along.


Easy Envelops is a Mac OS X widget that allows you to print an envelope, with a predefined return address or no return address. You can look an address up using Address Book from inside the widget, or you can cut and paste from where ever. Also, the widget fully supports fonts, colors etc. for a professional appearance. Once done addressing, click the postage stamp and a print dialog comes up asking you to choose your printer etc. I use this little widget all the time.  Ambrosia Software also makes the pay software WireTap Studio, a great application for sound capture and editing as well as SnapzProX, a screen capture utility for capturing full motion video of anything on your screen, a.k.a. screencasting. 

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